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Leitz Stereoly

  Evan Lindquist artist-printmaker, Leitz Stereoly 1931 showing digital camera attachment

Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar, Germany, made a stereo lens attachment to fit Leica 35mm cameras from about 1931 to 1940. The attachment was a beam splitter which placed two images on one frame of 35mm film (24 x 36mm).

Leica photographs on film had to be reversed (the film negative was reprinted to make a film positive).

The Leitz code name for the 3-D attachment was "STEREOLY".

Photographs could be processed for viewing either through a stereoscope or a special binocular viewer (scroll to the bottom of this page to see the "VOTRA" viewer).

Today, when the "STEREOLY" is combined with a digital camera, the reversal step is unnecessary.

Evan Lindquist artist-printmaker, download button for PDF showing Stereoly attachment

Download a PDF file showing how I cleaned and adjusted an old "STEREOLY" and mounted it on a digital camera in 2004.
(1.7 MB, 8 pages, updated 2/16/2013)

Evan Lindquist artist-printmaker, button thumbnail linked to page of stereoview cards made with 1931 Leitz Stereoly

Go to a page with 18 stereoview cards made with a "STEREOLY" mounted on a digital camera.
(There is also a link for slow Internet connections.)


The Original Leitz "Stereoly" Instruction Manual

This is a rare piece of photographic history.

Here are all 8 pages of the "Stereoly" Instruction Manual, printed in Germany, November 1934.

The "Stereoly" was an important tool for training military personnel during World War II.

Leitz Stereoly manual page 1

Leitz Stereoly manual page 2 Leitz Stereoly manual page 3

Leitz Stereoly manual page 4 Leitz Stereoly manual page 5

Leitz Stereoly manual page 6 Leitz Stereoly manual page 7

Leitz Stereoly manual page 8

Two thousand of these pamphlets were printed in English and distributed to New York. Some manuals have been seen that were printed in German.


Leitz Stereo Viewer
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